American man fighting for return of his son after wife abducts child to China

Almost a year ago Brian Meid said goodbye to his 4-year-old son, Alex, as the boy accompanied his mother for a 45-day trip to China to visit her family. They have yet to return.Read More


Brother Orange and Matt – the incredible story of iFriends

We all ended up in China for one random reason or another, we’ve all got crazy “foreigner celebrity” stories — but Matt Stopera’s wins. Hands down.Read More


Green Screen: 5 can’t-miss films about environmentalism in China

Five ‘green’ films inform and inspire. This time, the criticism is led by Chinese talents, wielding their celebrity status in the fight against pollution.Read More

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South American sentenced to 5 years in Shanghai for visa fraud

A South American man, identified by police only as “Godoi”, has been sentenced to five years in prison for providing other foreigners with illegal Chinese visas.Read More


Is being an “expat” an archaic badge of white supremacy?

An article by Mawuna Remarque Koutonin in the Guardian last Friday has been making the rounds. The piece asks, “why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?” and concludes without much nuance that it’s white racial supremacy at work. I disagree, mostly.Read More

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Expat women in China being cheated of maternity benefits

While on paper China has some excellent maternity laws protecting expecting mothers from employers who would rather ditch them for a less baby-bearing hire, in practice this is not always the case.Read More

New 10-year multi-entry Chinese visas for Canadians announced

Starting today, Canadians will now be able to receive multiple-entry Chinese visas with a validity period of up to 10 years.Read More


VICE explores shady side of China’s ESL industry

Edgy investigative journalism mag VICE has published an article delving into the rapidly declining frontier of shady ESL gigs. “The Chinese ESL-Industrial Complex: How English Teachers in China Are Lied to and Exploited,” features interviews with a handful of teachers that backup the article’s exposition on bad teaching jobs in China.Read More


Watch: Under the Dome, Chai Jing’s viral documentary on China’s air pollution [English Subs]

After going massively viral across China, Chai Jing’s popular documentary, Under the Dome, is quickly being removed from Chinese sites. With estimates of more than 100 million domestic views, it’s anyone’s guess as to why the government would bother to crack down now. Thanks to a dedicated group of people, led by a grade 12 …Read More

Ni Keyi — two women challenge themselves to walk across China for charity

Ann and Darrah are unquestionably very different women. Darrah, from New Mexico in the US, is a certified USPTA tennis instructor who only moved to China last June to teach the sport. Guangdong-native Ann, the wife of a British-Aussie expat whom she met while managing an ESL school, has lived here her entire life. Together they are walking from Zhongshan to Beijing to help raise money and awareness for people with disabilities in China.Read More


Foreign lung donor saves Wuxi man’s life

The tragic death of a 22-year-old French man during the Spring Festival holiday has brought new hope to several terminal patients through his organ donations.Read More

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Update: Suspected Canadian Christian spy in Dandong released on bail

Some positive news recently for the Canadian couple who were arrested last August in Dandong on suspicion of stealing state secrets. While husband Kevin Garratt remains in detention, his wife Julia was released on bail last week.Read More

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