(c) Graeme Nicol
(c) Graeme Nicol

Happy New Year from everyone here at Lost Laowai. Another year over and a new one just begun. Here’s to hoping that 2010 reverses what has been a terrible year for Internet openness in China.

My New Year’s Resolution is to spend eight minutes each day sending positive mental messages to the switch flickers in Beijing in hopes that they will grant validity to what Zhou Xisheng, Deputy Chief and Director-General of Xinhua News Agency, said recently (in what I can only assume was a joke): “Our country’s Internet situation is unique. Compared to all kinds of restrictions in foreign countries, China has the most open Internet in the world.”

RiiightDanwei.org and Pekingduck.org.

LLW in 2010

An unblocked Internet or not, we’ve got some cool things planned for Lost Laowai in 2010. In a week or two you’ll be seeing an all new look around here as we roll out a brand new design, and a number of new features — including member reviews, the return of the forums, and our first Lost Laowai contest/give-away.

As always, we’ll continue to bring you a variety of blog posts featuring the thoughts and opinions of laowai bloggers from around the country.

So let me raise a glass, and wish you and yours all the best in 2010.


  1. Dream on. I think this shows your naievity about China and what with the new white list coming out what chances you have of being allowed to continue your rants you better start looking for another job

  2. ratso’s new years resolution to is to start including enough punctuation in his typing so that people can actually figure out what the hell he’s saying.

  3. @chriswaugh_bj: Ha, really? Cool. Though who the hell writes on Typepad anymore anyway? 🙂

    @Ratso: Consider me dreaming on…

  4. I would love to have Google Docs back. And a random video podcast. I’ve actually gotten a few wordpress blogs in the past few weeks, surprisingly, but no blogspot ones yet. Too bad most EFL lesson websites are on blogspot. *shakes fist*

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