CNReviews was good enough to share the official Chinese public holiday schedule for 2009 – the year of the Ox/Cow/Bull/Thing With Horns That (assuming appropriate gender) Giveth Milk.

Check out the original post for more details, but the key dates are:

  • New Year – Jan 1-2
  • Chinese New Year – Jan 25-30
  • Qingming Holiday – Apr 4-6
  • Labor’s Day – May 1
  • Duanwu Holiday – May 28-29
  • National Day – Oct 1-8


  1. We’ll also have to work the following weekends:

    New Year – Jan 3
    Chinese New Year – Jan 24, Feb 1
    Duanwu Holiday – May 31
    National Day – Oct 10,11

    On a related note, I hate the way they don’t release the holiday schedule until the last minute. I had to book my Christmas holiday 2 weeks in advance and nobody had any information on whether the 2nd and 3rd were going to be working days

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