This video is for everyone (like myself) who watched, through useless eclipse glasses, the clouds and rain go totally dark at 9:30am today.

[UPDATE 11:41] – It seems the video I originally posted is actually from a 2008 eclipse, and not today’s (as indicated in the video’s title). Apologies. I’m still looking for a video.

[UPDATE 11:49] – Check out loads of videos on YouKu’s special eclipse page (h/t kaiserkuo). Here’s one:

While it may have been a bit of a letdown to not be able to actually see the eclipse, and only experience it through the night-like daytime darkness it gave us for a few minutes, it was cool none-the-less.

Now I guess we just wait and see if these massive earthquake predictions come to pass.


  1. i kinda dug the sudden blackness of the rainstorm. the ginormous pagoda was all lit up and i think it may have actually helped cut the heat a bit.

    just added my shot to the LLW flickr group, for what it’s worth.

  2. Hehe, for the past week up to today I was wishing I could be in jiangsu to witness the eclipse. And now it turns out I had a better view of the eclipse here all the way up in Taiyuan!

    I acctually forgot it was today until I glaced out the window and noticed an unusual and eerie dimness that didnt quite resemble an overcast sky. Then it hit me. 日食!

    Most people were using film negatives to view what turned out to be quite a show! Even from this far away from the main path of the eclipse! Some people however were looking directly at the sun with no protection at all and some were using sunglasses or solar visors! But either way most everyone agreed it was quite a “beautiful” sight to see.

  3. My wife and I were riding the train from her hometown in Hubei to our home in Xiamen and we got an excellent view of it. We were able to see it from start to finish…it was trippy watching the land go almost nighttime dark. Good thing we purchased a shard of tinted glass the day before 🙂 I’d seen a total lunar eclipse in the US before but this was wild.

  4. I purposefully participated in a tour that took us to Suzhou to see the solar eclipse and although the group I was with was completely bombed about not being able to actually see it happen, we were all totally excited when the “moon ate the sun.” It was great experiencing the darkening in a such a huge group. It was so cool. Also, now that I am back in Hong Kong, thank god for youtube.

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