You’ve likely found your way to this page while trying to access the Hao Hao Report ( The Hao Hao Report has been closed and the site has been shut down.

The decision to close the site was not an easy one. It was about 11 years (and 22,000+ submitted stories) ago that I setup the site as a way to share and discover stories about China, as well as sort through the plethora of diverse and disparate coverage of the country. Sites like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon were in their infancy; with social media only just starting to take off. A lot has changed in the decade since, and in my opinion, the need for a site like HHR has waned. As such, it’s time to shutter the windows and lock the doors.

Thanks to everyone who supported and contributed to the site over the years. We hope you found it useful and relevant while it was useful and relevant. If you’re looking to continue sharing and learning of stories about China, I highly recommend the r/China subreddit.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in writing about China, we’re always looking for contributions here at Lost Laowai.


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