Beijing’s Little Adoption Shop looking for some help

Little Adoption Shop, Beijing

The following is a plea for help/donations from Christopher Barden, the founder of the Little Adoption Shop, an organization in Beijing that helps rescued dogs find homes. They’re in desperate need of some funding.

"Louis" with Christopher Barden
“Louis” with Christopher Barden
The Little Adoption Shop currently has 125 dogs in our care, and we are constantly under pressure to meet our growing medical bills and other expenses. We currently have a shelter with two full-time staff, and a new adoption center located in Shunyi, near Euro Plaza, where I am currently the only (unpaid) employee. Things are tough right now for us financially, but we are proud of the work we are doing to make it easier for rescued animals to find new homes.

We always seek the best possible healthcare for our dogs, which is why we frequently rely on the expertise and professionalism of the veterinarians and staff at Doctors Beck & Stone.

We currently have overdue bills, and we would like to ask for your help!

Thank you for kindness and generosity,

Christopher Barden
Founder, Little Adoption Shop

Hours and location for our Shunyi adoption shop:
Our weibo:
Facebook Page:
Chinese Website:

Donations to the Little Adoption Shop can be dropped off at The Little Adoption Shop, or you can donate through any of our following accounts listed on this link:账号

You can read more about Barden and his mission in this China Daily article.


  1. Chris – I am interested in helping and I have student interested in volunteering. We reached out to you on WeChat. Scarlet gave me your contact info. How can we get in touch?

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