An Italian expat in Chengdu, identified only as “Mike”, has had all he can take with the city’s air pollution. However, instead of packing up and heading back to Europe, he’s packed up an air purifier and strapped it to his back.


Stretching the definition of “portable”, the machine sits in a suitcase-like pack that straps to his back. Built primarily for his daily bike commute to and from work, a tube extends from the case, delivering the scrubbed oxygen via a mask fixed to his face.

Built for around 1,500 RMB, the device uses an inverter to convert a 12V DC power source to the 220V AC required for a standard home air purifier. The report didn’t specify whether or not the price included the suitcase.

Also no word on whether “Mike” is going to take things to market and start selling it commercially. Perhaps he can team with the clever DIY folks behind Smart Air.

I humbly propose he consider the name “PortaPuri”.

Source: Sina

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