The Sydney Morning Herald has published a list of edicts from China’s spin doctors of the highest level. The first edict says it all: “The telecast of sports events will be live [but] in case of emergencies, no print is allowed to report on it.” Interestingly, the SMH makes no mention of how they came to have the edicts, nor do they attempt to put it into any sort of context.


  1. “refer to Taiwanese athletes as “those from the precious island Taiwan”

    Heard it, as in “来自宝岛台湾”. My wife insists she even heard “来自我国宝岛台湾”.

    “12.No mention of those who illegally enter China.”

    Bollocks. 新京报 today has an article about two Africans who were caught trying to enter on fake passports. Oh, that’s alright, they didn’t enter, they were stopped at the border and turned back… (

    As for the rest, most of it seems at face value to be generally plausible, although some seems oddly out of place (Lai Changxing? What, were some Chinese fans planning to rark up the crowd in the China-Canada women’s football match with chants about Lai Changxing?). I’m not sure they really could offer any real evidence that this list is real, though. That tends to get their sources and/or Chinese employees in trouble, sometimes even of the ‘revealing state secrets’ kind.

  2. I don’t like it either, and isn’t the usual practice to quote some “anonymous” source? Apparently Imagethief has traced the original report to SCMP. Maybe there’s some missing detail there.

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