Long-term Canadian expatriates regain voting rights

Approximately 1.4 million Canadians living abroad have been denied the constitutionally-guaranteed right to vote since a 2007 law made residency a requirement. That law was recently overturned, and long-term Canadians expats, regardless of where they reside, will once again be able to vote in federal elections. The rule disenfranchising Canadians abroad for more than five years …Read More

Mark Rowswell explains why foreigners hate Dashan

I find it unlikely that there could be a foreigner in China that doesn’t know the name Dashan, and there’s certainly no Canadians unaware of the mystical Big Mountain of Chinese. 大山 comparisons, jokes and CCTV9 Chinese lessons have been a formative staple over the course of my time in China. This past November the …Read More

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