Avoiding squatters? You’re doing it wrong

We tend to lend a lot of letters to the discussion of using toilets in China here at Lost Laowai. We have Erika’s post delivering some truths about the Chinese lady’s room, which continues to rack up rather heated comments three years after being published; as well, we have Travis’ humourous account of the first …Read More

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Breathe easier in China with this inexpensive DIY air purifier

A PhD student and Fulbright scholar based in Beijing has a great little Tumblr blog that shows, with data, that you can skip the expensive air purifiers and make your own for about $30. This post goes through the details of how to make the air purifier, and where to buy a proper filter. The …Read More

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Expat Advice: Having an abortion in China

I just wanted to share my story in case (like I was) there is another female expat out there looking for information on the experience of having an abortion in China. I was frantically searching the web for information on this when I found out I was pregnant here and found next to nothing, so …Read More

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Do you know what to do when emergencies happen?

Richard Brubaker recently wrote a poignant piece at All Roads Lead to China called “When the Ambulance Doesn’t Come“, in which he talks about the recent heart-breaking story of a 3-year-old British boy in Shanghai who died from injuries sustained when a partition at a restaurant fell on him. Though the mother and restaurant owner …Read More

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CDC offers H7N9 avian flu advice for travellers and expats in China

While not going so far as to say that travellers should avoid travelling to China, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is offering up some decent advice to anyone who is travelling or living in China. Most of the below is common knowledge, but it’s worth a read all the same.Read More

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