Watch: “Cock Wire” Mike Sui returns with even more Chinese impressions

Most will remember back in 2012 when the video of an American impersonating 12 international accents in Chinese went viral. The half-Chinese Beijing resident, Mike隋 (Mike Sui), is back with an all new video packed with at least as much funny and even more impressions.Read More

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No Pets or Foreigners attempts to capture laowai experience in new sitcom

Possibly coming to a TV or Youku stream near you is a new sitcom called No Pets or Foreigners, which follows the misadventures of Melvin and Larry, two Westerners in Beijing, as well as their brusque Chinese landlord Mr. Li and his materialistic daughter Lingling.Read More

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Expat-created satire site China Daily Show gets profiled by NYTs

Laowai favourite, the Onion-esque China Daily Show has made the big time with a profile in the New York Times/International Herald Tribune, along with an interview with the site’s illusive creator, “Mr. R”. Traditionally, authoritarian states resent satire – laughter is powerfully subversive – and China is no exception, carefully controlling critical chuckles in the media …Read More

Xinhua featuring weird science, poor grammar and hybrid boobs

It’s tough being a Chinese press agency. It’s even tougher being the Chinese press agency. Everyone’s just waiting for you to stumble, people label you as a “mouthpiece”, call you “unethical” and “biased”, and dub you “pseudo-journalists”; but through it all you staunchly hold your head high and publish this:Read More

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