Photos: 30 Most Beautiful Counties in China

The China Institute of City Competitiveness (CICC) has released a list of the 30 most beautiful counties in China for 2014. With little surprise to those who have visited, the tourist-laden picturesque heavyweight Yangshuo in Guangxi tops the list.Read More


‘China 2050’ explores the future of foreigners in China — get your fruit carts early laowai

A series of photographs by French photographer Benoit Cezard, imagining what China may be like four decades down the road with Westerns filling the roles commonly seen among the poorer Chinese migrant workers today, has been making the rounds.

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Amazing Dalian Oil Fire/Spill Photos

No matter where we end up in China, or out, the first port of call any laowai makes in this country surely stays near and dear. Such is Dalian for me. I lived in Dalian for my first 18 months in China and return at least once a year to visit inlaws and friends.

The city is constantly touted as a clean and beautiful city, so, to see it suffering through one of the country’s worst oil spill disasters sucks. To catch anyone up who hasn’t caught this on the news, two crude oil pipelines exploded in Dalian’s Xingang port last Friday. The fire took 15 hours and thousands of firefighters to quell, but over the following few days has caused an oil slick that extends more than 180-square kilometers off the coast — stopping it from reaching the open sea is a top priority. has collected a number of striking photos chronicling the event in vivid detail. Many of the photos were captured by Greenpeace activists on the scene to assess the damage. Photos after the jump..Read More

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