Review: Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside

Quincy Carroll’s Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside is, on its surface, a tale of two foreigner teachers in China — the idealistic, ‘in search of the real real China’, young Daniel; and the jaded, booze-soaked, cynical old Thomas. For anyone who has lived in China, they are characterizations of personalities we’ve all met, and perhaps been, at some point.Read More

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Family of dead Hangzhou ESL teacher desperate for help getting their son’s body home

I’m betting most of us haven’t thought twice about what would happen if we shuffled off our mortal coil while living as laowai here in China. Unfortunately, tragedy happens here as anywhere, and this is the situation that David Woolman’s family is now forced into dealing with — from thousands of kilometres away. The 23-year-old …Read More

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