5 things you must experience in Xinjiang

Anybody who has lived abroad knows that having friends and family come to visit is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a lot of fun to introduce them to your foreign home but also quite a bit of work to keep them happy and entertained.

Having lived in Xinjiang, the largest and westernmost region in China, for almost 10 years now, there have been a number of times where family have come to visit. The longer we live here, the more I notice the one thing I love most about hosting travelers in Xinjiang: seeing my home through fresh eyes.Read More

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Ni Keyi — two women challenge themselves to walk across China for charity

Ann and Darrah are unquestionably very different women. Darrah, from New Mexico in the US, is a certified USPTA tennis instructor who only moved to China last June to teach the sport. Guangdong-native Ann, the wife of a British-Aussie expat whom she met while managing an ESL school, has lived here her entire life. Together they are walking from Zhongshan to Beijing to help raise money and awareness for people with disabilities in China.Read More


New US-China policy announced for extended tourist/business visa validity

On November 10, during the 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Beijing, President Barack Obama announced that the US and China have agreed to a new, reciprocal 10-year visa policy for tourist and business visas.Read More


740 stranded Russian tourists in Sanya are going home

When Russian tourism agency South Cross declared bankruptcy it left 740 Russian tourists stranded in Sanya and Wanning — two popular tourism destinations in China’s tropical island province, Hainan.Read More

Guy dances across China in 100 days, goes viral

Student Jake Gaba spent 3.5 months (100 days) in China studying Mandarin on a Dartmouth College study abroad program. To catalogue the journey he recorded himself dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” across China.Read More


Clarity on new visa classes from Ministry of Foreign Affairs notice

Last week the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a bilingual notice that spells out China’s new visa structure. Beijing-based immigration lawyer Gary Chodorow has published an article highlighting some of recent changes in the Chinese visa structure in an easy-to-read layout. The post breaks down the most common visas, explaining both what the previous law …Read More


Avoid Guangzhou train station, 80,000 stranded after landslide

Heavy rains have caused landslides in northern Guangdong province, forcing the suspension of train service out of the Guangzhou Railway Station and stranding tens of thousands.Read More

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Travel Advisory: Chinese airport security beefed up, expect delays

Airports across the country have stepped up security measures in response to last weekend’s bomb scare at the Beijing Airport. Passengers are being advised to leave extra time to account for the enhanced security checks.Read More

China Daily foreigner photographer contest

The China Daily has announced a contest for foreigners interested in spending two weeks travelling around to some of China’s best tourist attractions — all expenses paid.Read More


Warning to watch your carry-on luggage, thieves take to the air

Philippines-based tour operator, A3 Tours & Travel, recently posted the following story on their Facebook page from a passenger on a Hong Kong flight. The tl;dr of it is that you should not naively believe your carry-on luggage is safe in the overhead bins — the contents might not just have shifted during flight, they …Read More

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Top 10 Chinese cities, according to China expats

The results of China Daily’s 2011 Amazing China voting have been released, and the top 10 “most attractive cities for foreigners” have been announced.

The cities that made the top 10 list are: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Chongqing, Xiamen and Hangzhou.Read More

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Video: BASE Jumping at Tianmen Shan in China

You have to have a set of stones to don a wingsuit and jump off a mountain in China. Fortunately for all our entertainment pleasure, these guys have just such a set:

Read More

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