Watch: How Uyghur naan bread is made

In this video Josh Summers over at Far West China explores all that goes into Uyghur naan bread. Be sure to check out the full post for more on the process of making Uyghur naan bread.Read More


Jack Ma is working so that you never have to go to the bank again.Read More


Watch: The Expat Curve, coping with the phases of living abroad

The Expat Curve is a roughly sinusoidal wave that many laowai are sure to find familiar. It illustrates six different phases expatriates go through after moving abroad for work and living.Read More

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CCTV asks if ‘expats unqualified for language teaching in China?’

With school starting up again this week, a recent CCTV news report may hint at an increase in crackdowns on illegally employed ESL teachers. In the video, a hidden camera captures a sight that surely many of us have never witnessed — foreign teachers working at a language mill without proper papers. Even the “Expats …Read More

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Video: The 党 Dynasty’s ‘We livin in Xi’an’

Credit to Beijing Cream for introducing me to the The 党 Dynasty, westside China’s latest laowai talent. Made up of friends Bro西来 (Matt Allen) and 他马特老外 (Matt Sheehan), the duo produced the following “We livin in Xi’an” video, which is as ridiculous as it is fun. Straight off the streets of Xi’an, bilingual rap duo …Read More

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Video: Epic Chinese scooter driving fail

This Chinese scooter driver learns a valuable lesson about why it’s important to practice driving your new scooter on quiet vacant streets.Read More

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Review: Learning Chinese through video with FluentU

This week FluentU (who changed their name from Fluent Fix – which personally, I liked a bit more) announced that they now have over 300 videos available for Chinese study on their site. 308, at the moment actually, and more all the time. Congratulations to the FluentU team on all that hard work! But what’s …Read More

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Interview with Charles Custer, director of ‘Living With Dead Hearts’

Nearly a year ago I posted about a documentary film being made by ChinaGeek‘s founder (and one-time Lost Laowai contributor), Charlie Custer. The film, now titled Living With Dead Hearts, explores the issue of kidnapped children in China and how it affects the parents, the children and the whole community. And it needs your help …Read More

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