Chinese Grammar Wiki

Chinese Grammar Wiki: Learning Chinese grammar just got easier

AllSet Learning, the Shanghai-based language learning consultancy founded by long-time China blogger John Pasden, has just released what is surely a boon for any mandarin learners who aspire to achieve better Chinese grammar -- the Chinese Grammar Wiki.

From the AllSet Blog: Web-savvy learners of Chinese have known for some time that there’s no single comprehensive grammar resource for Chinese grammar on the e…

John Pasden

Mandarin Monday: Sinosplice’s John Pasden offers up some Chinese advice

For this week's Mandarin Monday, we've hit up the juggernaut of Chinese learning, John Pasden.

John surely doesn't need much introduction for anyone studying Chinese. In China for more than a decade, John's been mastering the language for most of that time, including securing a masters in applied linguistics in Shanghai. He pens the popular Sinosplice blog, oversees academic content and serves as host at ChinesePo…