Lost Laowai Guy

Since its inception in 2006, Lost Laowai has gone through a number of tweaks, changes and revisions — in a process we like to think has matured the site — all the while holding fast to its core value of delivering no-nonsense information and commentary on China.

Lost Laowai has been made for and is maintained by China expatriates with a deep interest in China. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it — but never does it fail to captivate us. And though we come from all corners of the world, within the often confusing and chaotic confines of China, we find ourselves dubbed “laowai” and treated as one.

This site does not presume to be the be-all/end-all, one-stop-Laowai-shop. However, we do hope that through our commonality of being inside a country where we are (and always will be) considered “outsiders” we may come together and share our experience, learn, and grow together.

With the exception of a minimal administrative group, the site is primarily created and moderated by the Lost Laowai community. Whether through the submission of content or commentary, we all build Lost Laowai together. As such, we are always looking for volunteers. If you would like to add your unique voice by contributing articles, learn about writing for us. If you are interested in participating here, but aren’t much for writing/blogging, please contact us and tell us how you’d like to be involved

If you have further questions about the site check out our FAQ or contact us. Oh and if ever you find an error or problem with the site, we would much appreciate your help in letting us know.

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