So, what’s this all about, eh?

For about 8 years our agenda has been to create a safe place for us Laowai to play. It’s a crazy, mixed up world out there and we all need a spot to squat and reflect on it – we hope you like our squatting spot.

You look like you could use some help.

Hey, that’s not a question. But yeah, we do need help – or so our therapists inform us. If there is anything you think you can bring to this site, you are welcome to contact us.

If you’re interested in writing for the blog, we’re always looking for people that have something to say about China. Check out the “Wanna Write?” page for more details.

What the heck is a ‘Laowai’ anyway?

Well, 老/lǎo and 外/wài, are two Chinese characters, that when separated mean “old” and “outside”, but for some reason when you smash ’em together you get a colloquial term for foreigner. Next to ‘ni hao’, and rather poorly pronounced ‘hellooooo!’s, it will be the term you hear most while walking down the street in China.

Can I advertise on Lost Laowai?

Yes. Just follow these simple instructions: first draft a proposal and edit it. Certify it with the administrative governing body for the district that your IP address entered the site from (not the IP address most commonly assigned to your e-mail domain). Once certified you will need to post it to us, in writing, by mail. Take the tracking number the post office gives you, and post that to us as well. Once your proposal has arrived, we will require 4 to 6 weeks to verify its certification with the proper authorities. Please be sure to fill out all required fields in the proposal, or we will be forced to return it, and the process will need to be started again.

Or, click here.

Are you affiliated with the Hao Hao Report?

The Hao Hao ReportWe sure are. The Hao Hao Report originally started as a sub-section of Lost Laowai, but eventually grew to the point where it required its own home. It’s still family however, which is why it’s still mentioned here.

Don’t know what the Hao Hao Report is? It’s a socially curated listing of the best English-language stories about China.

Anyone can submit a post, and open it up for other visitors to read, comment on and vote for. The cream will rise to the top, and the chaff fades away. Cool huh?

Who designed this pretty site?

Dao By Design. They’re cool, check ’em out.

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