Shit Laowai Say

Alright, I’m a bit slow picking this up, as it made the rounds a few days ago, but felt it was worth the late share all the same. It really should be called Shit Shanghai Laowai Say as there’s a lot of very localized references in it (I miss Sherpa’s), but still quite funny.

What do you mean you don’t have a VPN? :) Read More »

Review: Invisible Browsing VPN (ibVPN)

A little down recently about my regular VPN’s lackluster speed, I started testing out a new service called ibVPN (Invisible Browsing VPN) and am decently happy with the results/ease of use. The service is strictly PPTP and not SSL, which I suppose is both a pro and a con. From my experience PPTP is faster … Read More »

The Great Firewall: longer, higher, meaner

The already unfortunate situation of internet censorship in China – imposed by the so-called Great Firewall – has been slowly getting worse this year, making a mockery of claims that the Olympics would open up China in terms of allowing a greater spread of communication and discussion. This year the Great Firewall has metamorphosed from … Read More »

Is Google Being Evil in China?

The Chinese government notoriously dislikes any organisation, particularly a foreign one, communicating directly to its people – so it’s little wonder that the story of Google in China has been one of jumping through fiery hoops. This week Google has been under attack in China over internet pornography, especially with regards its ‘search suggestions’ drop-down … Read More »

Traditional media losing the plot

When I was back in college we were expected to read and/or watch several sources of news daily. My Journalism-Print program even had a “Current Events” course requirement in which we would discuss, debate and be tested on – what else? – current events. This was just before the Dawn of Blogs and the coining … Read More »

YouTube Blocked Ahead of Tibetan Anniversary

It seems some time since I’ve blogged about a major site being blocked in China, but with the National People’s Congress in full-swing and the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising less than a week away – it appears the Net Nanny has quashed access to the world’s largest video sharing site, YouTube. Rick Martin, … Read More »

YouTube’s Back, with BBC News thrown in too

Now with the troubles in the West mostly harmonized, and Taiwan’s newly-elected president certified as China Friendly, it looks like YouTube has returned to its previous sluggish-but-accessible self. As a freebie, the powers that free also appear to have unblocked BBC News, a site that to the best of my knowledge has been blackballed near … Read More »

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