On Thrifty China: The Yale Professor versus Me

– I was just reading Yale Professor Robert Schiller’s article Thrifty China, Spendthrift America, which explains the apparent discrepancy of the saving rate in America versus what’s occuring in China. While I cannot provide as indepth an economic analysis as the learned professor has made, I would like to touch upon some of the points he … Read More »

What China can learn from Big Bird and Barkley

– When I was teaching kids English in China, I often felt like I was just going through the motions of the job. It’s not that I didn’t care. Because I did. But it seemed the schools didn’t care about teaching quality as long as they got tuition from the parents, and the parents didn’t give … Read More »

After the Quake…

– Reflections on a month spent wandering the Chinese Internet: China was hit hard about a month ago by the big Boxing Day earthquake in Taiwan, which knocked out or hindered access to most foreign websites from behind the great wall. As one Chinese acquaintance of mine put it “This is really a big inconvenience for … Read More »

Building Your Own Computer in China

– Well, since my old pandapassport post about expensive real software in China is doing so fabulous on the newly created Chinalyst’s Popular Content page, I thought I’d balance here it with a new post dedicated to helping foreigners shop for cheap hardware in China. Anyway, I’ve been talking to some of my “people,” discussing my … Read More »

My Dog’s Erection Points To A Flawed Chinese Sex-Ed System?

– About 2 months ago, me and my girlfriend got a dog – don’t ask me why, that’s another story. His name is Pepe. “Pepe Q-tip” to be exact, due to the fact that it looks like it’d be really easy to clean your ears with him. Anyway, to get to the point, it seems that … Read More »

On How to Become Famous in China

– You too can do it in 3 easy steps! For any Canadians that come to China, one of the first things that Chinese people will mention is “Ah, Canada. Dashan is from Canada.” Dashan, otherwise known as Mark Rowswell, is indeed from Canada – and according to Wikipedia is probably the most famous Westerner in … Read More »

7 Reasons Why You Should Eat at Dirty Little Chinese Restaurants

– If I may say so, this post is far more valuable to the average Expat in China than the title indicates. Among other things, it’s very much about dealing with the fluctuations of your China-mood, and how to deal with the valleys, as opposed to the peaks. **Note: For the handful of you who may … Read More »

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