Standing In Doorways

– I’ve decided that years of having really crap State-controlled TV has taken a huge toll on the populous population of China. It has caused near all 1.3 billion inhabitants of the PRC to view the world around them as nothing but an uncontrollable, intangible source of entertainment. It would seem to me that a numbness … Read More »

Review: Foreign Babes In Beijing

– I just finished reading Rachel Dewoskin’s Foreign Babes In Beijing, a memoir of the author’s life in China’s capital during the mid to late 90s. For any just coming to or arriving in China, the book is a great supplemental read to your standard collection of guidebooks; and for those of us that have been … Read More »

The Hao Hao Report Upgrade

– Alright, it’s done. The Hao Hao Report has received its first official upgrade. We’ve patched up the software and added a few features to make things run a little smoother. Anyone that’s used the system regularly over the last couple months may have noticed a few things that were a bit … hmm… what’s the … Read More »

Peopleless Panoramas Float My Boat

– On my third, and most recent trip, to Shanghai I managed to stumble into a rather simplistic way to view the metropolis’ cityscape along the Huang Pu River without having to navigate the plethora of beggers, touts and tourists that clog up The Bund even in the off-season – never mind a Saturday during one … Read More »

Chinese Language Software

– Well, anyone that’s traversed this site more than just visiting the Hao Hao Report or reading the (still somewhat limited) posts of this blog will know that LOTS still needs to be added. Unlike the authorship of this blog, the rest of the site is all just one guy plugging away at it, trying desperately … Read More »

National Day: From Mao ‘Til Now

– The barrage of fireworks-caused explosions rattling my windows shook me from my DVD-induced daze and reminded me that today is Chinese National Day. 57 years ago today the Central People’s Government announced the official creation of the People’s Republic of China. China’s continually in the news regarding their “troubles” with environmental issues, social unrest, and … Read More »

A Journey Of A Thousand Words…

– If there could be a start, I guess this would be it. But in truth we, the authors of this blog, all have other blogs – and so this isn’t really a beginning for us pouring it out for the masses. It’s also likely not a beginning for you, as there are 10,000 other English-language, … Read More »

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