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What do you all think? I’ll say this: I like the track. It’s easy to follow. The rhymes (at least to me) make sense, which already puts him ahead of the pack in rap music. In fact, you could say I’m 非常满意 with his effort.

With music being a great supplement for language learning, and with me liking rap, it’s a no-brainer that I’ve become interested in Chinese rap. Are there other Chinese rappers you like? Any you find helpful for language learning?

Me, I’m big on Taiwan-born MC Hotdog, mainly because his music is easy to find, and I’m also partial to 龙门阵. How about others?

Also worth checking out is Dong Ting 08, a defunct blog where two girls did a research project on Chinese hip-hop.


  1. I like it! Speed wasn’t too fast so I found it fairly understandable as well and I enjoyed reading through the lyrics over at the studymorechinese website. I’d love to see more explanation of why they translated it they way they did into English, seems like that would be useful for students. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m a big wang leehom fan. I know, your probably rolling your eyes because he is best known for his super cheesy romance songs, but he has some really good rap songs like zai mei bian (Besides the plum blossom) in which he raps in a traditional chinese opera style. He often mixes traditional chinese music with modern pop/rap. And he’s a total babe.

    My students recently gave me some recommendations for some good modern music, but I haven’t had time to check it out yet. Thanks for this link, I also like to learn about modern music (that isn’t cheesy love songs.)

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