Lost Laowai Happy HalloweenIt’s that spooky time of year, and though not a much-celebrated holiday in China, why not expand your Chinese vocabulary to include these wicked words. This simple Halloween language primer will have you howling out Halloween lingo in Chinese faster than deciding whether Chinese is a trick or a treat.

NOTE: Hover over the Chinese for the pīnyīn.

Halloween Vocabulary

汉字 English (in case it wasn’t clear)
万圣节 Halloween
万圣节快乐 Happy Halloween
万圣节服装 Halloween costume
南瓜 pumpkin
南瓜灯 Jack-o-Lantern (lit. pumpkin light)
糖果 candy
诡计或者糖果 Trick or Treat
吸血鬼 vampire
女巫 witch
鬼魂 ghost
僵尸 zombie
木乃伊 mummy
科学怪人 Frankenstein
狼人 werewolf / wolfman
鬼屋 haunted house
鬼故事 ghost story
蝙蝠 bat
黑猫 black cat
乌鸦 crow
蜘蛛 spider

Now go wow the local Chinese with your 吓人的话. 万圣节快乐!

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