Lost Laowai gets comic-ized

With half the country in holiday mode today, and the other half grumbling from the office that they didn’t get to start their weekend yesterday (who’ll be grumbling on Sunday?), there’s perhaps no better time to have a laugh. So, allow me to draw your attention to a great site full of China-themed comics: MandMX.

Created by a cross-cultural couple, Magnus and Mingxing (M and MX), the site offers up daily situational, language-themed or current-event based comics about China. And Lost Laowai has been featured!

Lost Laowai Comic (c) MandMX.com

Lost Laowai Comic (c) MandMX.com

(see the original here)

And we’re not the only ones (see comics about two of my favourite Web sites – chinaSMACK and Sinosplice). The site takes it one better and offers the opportunity for anyone’s funny “China story” to be made into a comic.

If the comic laughs aren’t enough, be sure to watch some of the videos of MandMX’s son Ryan (great name!) teaching you Chinese!