China Blog Network: Redux

Back in 2008 I added a new feature to Lost Laowai called the “China Blog Network”, with the simple premise of creating a Webring for China blogs. Membership consistently grew over the next year and a half, but the script that was handling the CBN was beginning to buckle under the pressure. Wanting a more … Read More »

Twitter users help free Chinese blogger

If you read nothing else today, read this: “How Did I Break [out of] Jail?“. The incredible first-hand account of how Chinese blogger Peter Guo (Guo Baofeng), better known as Amoiist, was arrested but managed to get an SOS message out via his Twitter, which then turned into an international campaign to see him released. … Read More »

Laowai Interview: Richard Burger of The Peking Duck

For this the next chapter in Lost Laowai’s series of posts on prolific bloggers in the English-language China blogsphere I go right to the source, as there are few more seminal English-language China blogs than the Peking Duck. Authored by Beijing-based PR man Richard Burger, the Peking Duck is one of, if not the, oldest … Read More »

2008 China Blog Awards about to begin

The 2008 edition of the annual China Blog Awards is about to kick off over at The Chinalyst, so if you’ve got yourself a China-focused blog, be sure to get your blog signed up and in the running. As with last year’s competition, voting is done in a straight up “Digg-like” voting style, with everyone … Read More »

Roland Soong’s Undelivered Speech

Entitled “Reflections Of A Bridge Blogger”, Roland Soong’s CNBloggercon speech wonderfully sums up the transition that’s happened, largely due to the Internet, in China over the past five years that he’s been writing EastSouthWestNorth. Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, attendees at the 2008 China Blogger Convention in Guangzhou last weekend were unable to hear … Read More »

Communist Tax Lawyer – Clever Socialist Spam

There’s a new… umm… blog(?) coming to town and it’s aiming to clean up capitalist China consultants like they were Lenin’s laundry. While chatting with Rich Brubaker today (who was in turn also discussing the issue with Chris Devonshire-Ellis) I discovered I wasn’t the only one receiving cleverly crafted proletarian posters insidiously inserted in my … Read More »

The China Blog Network

China bloggers unite! The China Blog Network has arrived. In an effort to tie together all us sinobloggers, we’re launching the China Blog Network, a (appropriately enough) network of China blogs that all link together in a ring-around-the-rosie style (we’re praying we don’t all fall down). Though most of us link to each other through … Read More »

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