China bloggers unite! The China Blog Network has arrived.

In an effort to tie together all us sinobloggers, we’re launching the China Blog Network, a (appropriately enough) network of China blogs that all link together in a ring-around-the-rosie style (we’re praying we don’t all fall down).

Though most of us link to each other through our blogrolls, I thought it might be more convenient, and fun, to have a method by which we can create an actual blogging network, whereby we can explore new related blogs and show a bit of solidarity for our blogging niche.

Membership to the network is free, but limited to blogs about China. Noodle blogs, corporate blogs, tech blogs, rant blogs, whatever, if it’s China-centric, you’re all welcome.

China Blog Network Nav PanelTo join, simply click your way over to the China Blog Network sign-up page and enter your details. Once signed up you’re blog will be “pending approval” – while you wait, grab the China Blog Network panel code from your account dashboard and insert it into your blog’s sidebar.

The China Blog Network panel is a small box that sits in your blog’s sidebar to let visitors know you are a member of the network, while also giving them navigation options to visit other blogs in the network (screenshot).

I’m are currently developing some additional features for this panel that I think be useful for blogmasters – including the ability to add the blog to popular social bookmarking sites (ie. the Hao Hao Report, digg,, facebook, etc.) , and to search blogs in the China Blog Network for specific content.

As these new features are launched, they’ll simply pop right into the panel, no need to reinstall the code. Neat huh.

Though blogs of all languages are welcome to join, all administration is in English. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about the China Blog Network, please let me know.


  1. @John: Cheers.

    @Matthew: Y’know, it’s amazing how a missing “.com” can add so much confusion. I very nearly wrote out a VERY confused answer stating that this blog is “on WordPress” and it works fine… and then I realized… you meant – as in the free hosting service.

    I never realized doesn’t allow Javascript. Well versed in it now though. One more reason to bite the bullet and get self-hosting 😉 (the other being that free blog hosts are all blocked).

    The problem with doing it without Javascript is that the code isn’t short – with the styles, etc. – and so asking people to insert a big chunk of code like that into their template might scare some folks.

    As well, when it’s hard-coded into the template, if/when I make adjustments/improvements to the code, those changes wont propagate across the CBN – something that will be needed as I develop the panel a bit (we’re technically in “beta” mode with things… but I HATE the term “beta”).

    Is the only option for blogs to insert pure HTML? If so, the only choice may be to provide users with a very low-tech basic panel.

  2. Hey Matt, try the following:
    1. Login to the CBN.
    2. Click the “Manage Sites” link in the right sidebar.
    3. Click the EDIT button beside your site.
    4. Scroll down, second section should be “HTML Code”, copy and paste the contents there into your blog’s sidebar.

    Let me know if there’s a problem.

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  4. Ryan, as far as I know, only vanilla HTML is allowed on unless WordPress directly approves of (and widgetizes) your webring code. It’s one of the big drawbacks of hosting there even if the blogging software is better than other free sites.

  5. Hey, I don’t know if others are having the same problems with blogging/getting around the GFW but I was fine using the codes posted here until today. Just wondering if others are having the same problems, wondering if it has sth to do with the situation out west…without saying the name of the place in text. If you know a way to get ‘unblocked’ other than what’s already here, lemme know por favor. Thanks

  6. @China-Matt: Ace.

    @Xiaotiqin: What codes? If you’re just talking about not being able to access a number of sites right now, that’s like due to what’s happening in the place which’s name shall not be mentioned.

  7. Cool idea, but not quite sure I fit the category living in Denmark with a Chinese wife.

    Oh yes, she’s crazy enough to make my day/entries Chinese inspired, but still may not be quite enough to join. What do you guys think?

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