Brave Newer World

– This is just going to be a few sentences long, but I was hoping people would check out the Manchurian Candidate’s website: It has a very interesting list of all the school killings that China has had (reported) since 2004. If you think the US is violent, check this list out. Read More »

TV Condom-Nation

– Having lived in China for six years I have found that I’ve started missing some of the things from my American life. For the most part I am not a big fan of mainstream American culture. Things like top 40 music and NY Times Bestsellers were usually avoided at all cost. They were a kind … Read More »

What if the Chinese ruled the world?

– I think it is a fairly common phenomenon in China for foreigners to get angry and make snide remarks when we hear the government make comments about how they will have a peaceful rise to world power or how they will be number one by 2050. I must admit something in me shutters when I … Read More »

Chinese Internet Nationalism

– Zhang Ziyi is in the headlines here in China again. She was seen recently at a NY Knicks game with a laowai nanyou, or foreign boyfriend. The outrage from people writing comments is amazing. Although she has become famous in Japan, Korea, and the US, she has a hard time here in the mainland. Some … Read More »

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