“Earth Hour” VS “Serf Liberation Day”

– It seems that whilst I have been happily elaborating on the duties of my teaching position this week, and spending 5 minutes of class making my students aware of Earth Hour, that I have in fact been being slightly controversial. And… I’m glad. I’ve not been involved in anything even remotely underhand since I first … Read More »

Zheng Jie’s Wimbledon Win Gives China Reason to Cheer

– I love tennis: watching and playing. What with queueing with the common people overnight twice to get my tickets, fond, overpriced strawberry & cream memories of posh debenture holders drinking champagne and dozing in their seats, oh, and the tennis, Wimbledon necessarily remains my most eagerly anticipated annual sporting event. Forget football, it’s those long … Read More »

University ESL Teaching: What you should be asking about!

– Teaching ESL at a university in China is a good gig: low hours, long holidays, weekends and more than enough money to survive on. If you’ve chosen this route you’ll find that most universities (and agents on their behalf) are very happy to offer basic terms, conditions and vague information to hurry you through signing … Read More »

3 Ways To Kickstart Your Chinese for the New Semester

– Xinhuanet is dead right about one thing, it may be three weeks ago now, but I really am only just getting over my “gasp” at Zhang Ziyi’s dress on the phenomenon that is CCTV’s annual Spring Festival gala, they were just wrong about the reason. Bowled over by the fairy-pinkness of it yes, but the … Read More »

BBC World Earth Report: Guangxi’s Biogas Revolution

– One of my New Year’s resolutions in 2008 is to fight pessimism. Anyone else fed up with BAD news about the environment? Why is it always BAD news when there are pockets of resistance all over the world fighting for the environment against something much more dangerous and insidious than the build up of greenhouse … Read More »

The day I lost my voice…

– started with a phonecall from my friend: F: Hi Tam T: [croak] F: Hello? Are you OK? T: [croak, again] [pause, filled with much muttering at my croaks] F: You’ve lost your voice? T: [croak] F: Are you kidding? T: [indignant croak] F: Are you sure? T: [laughing croak] F: Oh my God. Is there … Read More »

Rediscovering MONKEY

– This is for anyone who has turned on Chinese TV and wondered what (in Buddha’s name!) the monkey, the pig and the monk are actually doing…  I didn’t exist for part of, and was then quite little for the rest of, the 1970s. Which is why all I remember about a TV series about a kungfu-fighting monkey is a kungfu-fighting monkey. So, imagine … Read More »

Awww! Romantic Wuzhen

– I’m a romantic. I like romatic places. China, in general isn’t. I state my case: Think China, think The Great Wall. Long. Visible from space. Testament to power, fear and a plentiful supply of labour. Kind of pretty in winter in the less frequented sections, I admit. Romance rating: 3/10 Think China, think The Forbidden … Read More »

Carrier Bags ? Just Say 不要了

– Under the influence of Thomas Newman’s haunting theme, something twirls and dances to the whim of the breeze and for a few minutes of movie history a white carrier bag is beautiful… However, anyone who’s spent any time wandering down any streets in China can tell you that whilst a single carrier bag might be … Read More »

Elementary Chinese

– So, this is where my blog begins, again. On Lost Laowai [thanks for having me] not so much because it’s what I think of myself, but because it’s what most people assume I am. I’m just telling it like it is. Life in China. MY life in China. Last Sunday began way too early, with … Read More »

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