under the railway bridge
A great shot of street vendors in late-afternoon Zhuzhou, Hunan. The photo is by the very talented Mark Hobbs, a British/Australian living and working in Zhuzhou, Hunan.

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  1. Cool~~ So much stuff like this ppl who’ve never been to China can’t believe.

    I’ll say this, and I know many expats out there will agree with me: China can, at once, be the most and the least convenient place on Earth. 😉

  2. Being a very amateur photographer, I would like to learn why this is a “great shot”.

    Desperation or just the everyday grind in China ?

    2 people ( husband and wife or separate vendors )
    trying to scratch out a living standing under a bridge ( for hours on end ) selling vegetables.

    Graffiti painted over walls in the background.

    Thanks, Richard

    • Obviously “great” is subjective. I like it because it captures something I see every day in China, but in a fly-on-the-wall/non-snapshotish way. It tells a story in a single frame. But really, the thing I like most about the photo is the lighting.

      My one criticism is that in my opinion it’s poorly cropped, and would have been better if both subjects (and their wares) were fully in the frame.

      I don’t see any desperation in the photo.

  3. Hi, Glad at least one person likes the shot, I agree (Sorry Richard) to me it certainly doesn’t show desperation, I was trying to capture (just like all my images) the REAL CHINA – A China that is often overlooked or edited out of news reports both inside and outside of China. If it does show desperation as Richard suggests, well so be it – That is the truth – I guess if I was a street vendor standing under a bridge I would feel a little desperate also..If desperation is part of Modern China let it be seen – not censored edited or misunderstood
    By the way this was taken from a moving taxi, I suppose that is way the cropping or framing isn’t perfect.

    • Re: the taxi — I had assumed it was something like that. It’s a small issue really, particularly when you consider what you said above about what you endeavor to capture.

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