A little PSA for all our friends in Beijing. If you’re into art, or would just like to help a good cause, find a dry pair of shoes and head down to 798 to check out this event.

UPDATE: Please note that due to the weather, the event has been postponed until this Saturday, July 28th, between 2:30pm and 5.30pm.

The Giving Wings to Children’s Art Charity Auction hosted by Yuanfen~Flow in conjunction with Alpha Partners Education and Golden Wings will raise money for children with autism.

Participants on the Alpha Partner’s Summer Pegasus Program have kindly donated their self portraits from the visual literacy class they have been attending, which has focused on cubism, asymmetry and self portraiture.

These paintings will be sold between 6:30pm and 9:30pm on Wednesday 25th July [please see update above] with all proceeds going to the not for profit organization, Golden Wings. All money raised will go into improving the life quality of disabled children through the means of art therapy which enables the children to realize individual values. There will also be prints of artwork created by some of the Golden Wings children available to buy with sales directly benefitting them and their peers. All artists contributing to this auction come from different backgrounds but have been united through the creative process and the common cause of helping others.

Please join us to celebrate their hard work and talent and help to contribute to the future of young aspiring artists!

Auction Venue 拍卖会场:
Seven Stars East Street Dashanzi Factory 798 Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015, China
北京朝阳区大山子 酒仙桥路
798艺术区内 七星东街 缘分汇


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