I spent several hours over the course of the last couple days compiling a retrospective look on 60 years of the People’s Republic of China, and after getting 1949 to 2003 down in a draft, I realized I didn’t want the site to go the way of the still blocked Peking Duck and Danwei, and so have scraped it for now. Sigh.

However, I should give it up to the PRC for putting on a hell of a parade. I only managed to catch a bit of it yesterday via the CCTV link I posted the day before. Between browser conflicts and choppy streaming (even in China), it was a bit too much to bear. However, what I did see seemed damn impressive.

This was all the more confirmed when watching news shooter Dan Chung’s well-crafted, and fantastically visual video of the event:

China’s 60th Anniversary national day – timelapse and slow motion – 7D and 5DmkII from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

The parade in Tiananmen Square to mark the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China – as seen in timelapse and slow-motion.

Slow motion shot on a 7D at 720p/60
Time lapses on Canon Eos5DmkII and Nikon D700.
Edited on Final Cut Pro

For more details on how this was shot head over to www.dslrnewsshooter.com. For more on China from the Guardian go to www.guardian.co.uk/china.


  1. bring on the beret wearing, gun toting, blue skirt clad, knee-high leather boot brigade! ladies you can goose-step on my pavement ANYDAY, grrrrrrr!!!!!!

    China’s military doesn’t scare me, it gets me hard.

  2. @John: There were a few groups that looked sufficiently shit-kicker menacing, but most just looked like they were underfed feather-weights slipped into over-sized uniforms.

    @Chip: My favourite line from the Granite Studio post linked above is “The Tibetans at last nights gala would have made Sammy Davis, Jr. seem like a Black Panther.”

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  4. any visual glorification of armies and military shit it to be condemned. you disappoint us ryan. all those machines and guns over there will tear bodies in pieces and men will die holding their own bloody intestines in their hands. I saw i with my own eyes. damn those who put those KILLING machines in pretty well sounded images! and damn those who put it on their site. it is not cool.

  5. I thought the parade was great and made an awful lot of the Chinese people proud of their country too, and I have to agree with John 🙂 who on earth would want to harm those beauties.

  6. You insult China! apologize! We are superior race and the culture, cultur 7000 years and the high in world!. chinese people like the peace and have the leader for best system and people in world! you laowai jealous to our chinese peoples! every people in world envy china because is strong race and powerful and superior to all culture in west and world! CHINA RAISING! CHINA POWER!!!

  7. haha. small dick chinababe looser. superior in what? shitting and spitting and copying and stealing? wow, superior. 7000 years? lol. no 7 million years. you invented the air we breath.

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