The fine folks over at the Shanghaiist have put together an absolutely insane* charity event to raise money for health kits for children in rural Yunnan. The talented people at Fly Films helped them put together the following ad for the event:

“What’s this awesome event for?”
We’re providing health kits for rural children in Yunnan Province. Proper hygiene ensures that children can spend less time sick at home or spending half their parents’ yearly wages to treat easily preventable illnesses like dysentery.

To come and observe the fight, the ticket fee is 25rmb. With your 25rmb entry fee, you donate one kit that includes hygienic info pamphlets, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap. A portion of the proceeds from the evening will also be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Earthquake Fund.

“How do I become a sumo wrestler?”
You can enter the competition by donating six health kits (150rmb). Not only do you get the chance to wrestle it out in sumo suits we’ll be providing, but you also get a chance to win great prizes from our generous sponsors!

If you would like to enter the competition, email Your 150rmb donation will be collected on the evening. We’re looking for 8 males and 8 females… sign up quick!

* – Insanity is anyone who willingly puts on a plastic sumo suit in Shanghai in July. I’ve 10 fen on all the competitors being disqualified due to TKO before the whistle even blows.

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