Laowai lands airplane on road in Sichuan

Plane landing on near-empty road in Beichuan, Sichuan
Plane landing on near-empty road in Beichuan, Sichuan
Imagine the surprise of locals as they watched a small plane land on the relatively barren Liaoning Dadao in Beichuan, Sichuan, and pull into a gas station recently.

According to the report at GoChengdoo, the pilot, identified only as “Andy”, was forced to land the plane after experiencing a fuel shortage shortly after takeoff. Travelling with his company’s chairman, Chen Wei, he decided to land on the nearly empty road and fill up.

GoChengdoo also relays however that Ma Rui, the gas station attendant, claims to have spoken with the pilot several days prior to the landing. Ma told reporters that Andy had previously approached the gas station and inquired about different gasoline types, making the alleged spontaneity of the landing somewhat doubtful.

A foreign pilot and his company's CEO at a Sichuan gas station.
A foreign pilot and his company’s CEO at a Sichuan gas station.

Zhang Wei, an official from Mianyang Sci-tech City, told Chinese media that the aircraft was a modified STOL CH750-like prototype produced by a Chinese joint venture with George Heintz Aircraft in anticipation of the opening of China’s air traffic to small planes owned and piloted by private citizens.

Full story and video at GoChengdoo.


  1. I am now aware that a 500,000 RMB fine was imposed on the Company.

    Hope the Pilot gets kicked out of China as well, as all lawbreakers should be.

    • Did not kick them out soon enough! My Son, Jason and co-pilot Xin yu died may 3/2015. Chen Weii was involved. any news or updates concerning this tragedy would be Greatly appreciated!

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