‘Living with Dead Hearts’ an afflictive & important film

“Living with Dead Hearts”, a documentary exploring child abduction in China, isn’t a pretty story, but it is an imperative one. The independent film, released this week, explores the heartrending topic of children being kidnapped and sold into slavery, sex or simply to another family.Read More

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Shanghai Calling is calling for your expat stories

If you’re like me, you probably perk up anytime you hear about a movie being made in or about China. Having one made about expats living in China was a first though, and so when I first heard about Shanghai Calling, a romantic comedy about American expats living in Shanghai, I was pretty keen to …Read More

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Review: You are the Apple of My Eye

Apparently it is movie week here at Lost Laowai, because I have another recent Chinese flick to review. In an effort to help learn Chinese I always ask my students about good recent movies. Let’s be honest, most Chinese movies us foreigners hear about are either political or kung-fu based. However, I’m interested in the …Read More

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Review: Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

For the laowai who likes movies, there are certainly a number of offerings available this month to tempt you out to the movie theater instead of staying at home and watching pirated DVDs. While Nicki has just reviewed the “Flowers of War” with its serious historical plot line involving things few of us really want …Read More

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Interview with Charles Custer, director of ‘Living With Dead Hearts’

Nearly a year ago I posted about a documentary film being made by ChinaGeek‘s founder (and one-time Lost Laowai contributor), Charlie Custer. The film, now titled Living With Dead Hearts, explores the issue of kidnapped children in China and how it affects the parents, the children and the whole community. And it needs your help …Read More

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China Geeks helping Chinese children find home

Our friends at ChinaGeeks.org have recently started an ambitious new project that I have been meaning to find the time to write about for a couple weeks now. Check out this video for an introduction to “Finding Home”, a documentary that will explore on a personal level the terrible practice of kidnapping and selling children …Read More

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