How to use Chinese online banking with a Mac or Linux computer

Banking in China. Topped only by shopping the week before Spring Festival and pretty much any time spent at a post office; China’s convoluted and largely archaic banking system is, at best, a torturous experience. Long lines of clientele that seem downright surprised (and thus appropriately unprepared) to be banking at all; service with a …Read More

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Foreigners Allowed! – Hotel Registration Tutorial

These days all hotels worthy of the name “hotel”, and most hotels that aren’t, have a network connection and a computer program that allows them to register all guests at the hotel with the provincial Public Security Bureau. For all intents and purposes the system is standardized. I’ve found some small differences from province to …Read More

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How-to: Setup an HTPC for better TV in China (Part I – Getting Setup)

If you’re like me you probably long-ago did away with the bland programming of CCTV9, the endless carousel of period dramas, and ever-more-annoying variety shows that China’s cable providers offer up. For some that means getting outside and getting a life. For people like me, that means finding better ways to get the entertainment I …Read More

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