Great Firewall upgrade killing some VPN services

A recent upgrade to China’s Internet censorship apparatus has VPN users in China scrambling to find new ways around the country’s Great Firewall.Read More


Visa, Mastercard may disallow payment to VPN providers

In the last few years a VPN has become one of the essential pieces of kit for China expats. In a recent policy change by the two largest credit card companies, they may become more difficult to pay for. According to torrent news blog TorrentFreak, both Mastercard and Visa have started taking action against VPN …Read More


Google addresses a problem with Mainland searching … finally

For a bleeding-edge tech company, it’s sure hard not to feel Google’s been a bit slow to acknowledge and address a phenomenon that anyone in China has been witnessing for years — search results are censored. In a new video and blog post, the folks at Google illustrate the problem and explain that they will …Read More

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