Australian expat in Dongguan tied up in apartment, robbed

According to a local news report, at 8pm on August 9, a 54-year-old Australian man was robbed at knife point in his Dongguan, Guangzhou, apartment.Read More

Avoid Guangzhou train station, 80,000 stranded after landslide

Heavy rains have caused landslides in northern Guangdong province, forcing the suspension of train service out of the Guangzhou Railway Station and stranding tens of thousands.Read More

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French expat brutally assaulted by 7 Chinese in Shanghai [Updated]

Shanghaiist is reporting that a French man was attacked outside Bar 88 on Fumin Lu in Shanghai early last Monday morning (June 10th). The unprovoked assault took place as the victim was getting in a taxi after exiting the club shortly after 4 a.m.Read More


US Embassy warns China expats to avoid anti-Japanese protests

Things are certainly escalating in regards to anti-Japanese protests due to China’s ongoing dispute with Japan over the contested Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands. I’ve heard mention from a few people that more protests are likely planned for this weekend, and no doubt continuing after that. The following is a warning from the US Embassy for its citizens to avoid such events, as they can quickly turn violent.

In light of news of ongoing and likely further protests in China related to a territorial dispute in the East China Sea between China and Japan, the United States Embassy and Consulates General in China remind U.S. citizens that even gatherings intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence. U.S. citizens are therefore urged to avoid areas of demonstrations if possible, and to exercise caution when in the vicinity of any demonstrations. U.S. citizens should stay abreast of media coverage of local events and be aware of their surroundings at all times.

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Laowai Warning: Casing the joint

As a group, foreigners in China tend to be hit with their decent share of scams. While certainly not alone in their potential victimization, rare does a week go by my (Chinese-registered) phone doesn’t ring with some identity theft scam, China’s criminal element definitely have an eye out for the comparatively affluent and possibly unknowing …Read More

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Doin’ time: how to end up in a Chinese jail

iLook China recently ran a guest post by Lionel Carver (no idea if that’s a pseudonym or not), which details the writer’s experience being a guest of the government in a Chinese jail. Subtitled with “A Cautionary Tale for Expats in China“, I was curious to read both what Carver endured and, perhaps most voyeuristically, …Read More

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