Excerpt: Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside

The following is an excerpt from my recently completed novel, Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside. The first chapter was awarded 1st Place in Medium.com’s 2012 Fiction Writing Contest. At the moment, I’m trying to find a home for it. If you like what you read here, please pass it on!Read More

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The Reinvention of an Expat Trailing Spouse

In early 2003, I arrived in China burned out and disillusioned from my corporate position in a small company that had just been taken over by a large corporation. My last days there were spent watching long term managers escorted out of the building clutching paltry severance packages. I couldn’t get out of that toxic environment fast enough. With my expectations high, I gladly signed on as a trailing spouse and vowed to spend our proposed assignment sitting back and enjoying the stress-free life of a pampered housewife. Read More

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Travis published in Independent Ink Magazine

Just a quick little note to mention that Lost Laowai contributor Travis Lee recently had his short story, The Journey Through Nanking, published in Independent Ink Magazine. About the short story: During the Nanking Massacre, a young girl becomes separated from her family. With help from her spirit-guide, she must cross the warzone and overcome …Read More

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