Eddie Romero: Hero or Douchebag?

The Story

Pastor/Professor Eddie Romero came to Beijing to “speak for those who can’t speak for themselves,” i.e. imprisoned dissidents Hu Jia or Shi Tao and others. He did some guerilla mural painting in a few Beijing hotel rooms, which is pretty ballsy for sure. Check out one of his videos below. Lets be thankful that he’s Christian, otherwise he might have had dynamite strapped to his chest.

A Somewhat Anti-Climactic Surrender

I posted about Eddie’s live-streamed arrest on my own blog, and I’ll cross post it here as well:

This is odd. The latest Olympics protest comes courtesy of bible thumper Eddie Romero. Props to him for making the best use of technology to get his voice heard, as he streamed the audio live to talkshoe. Though he should have spent more time refining his voice, as his attempts to yell and scream in Chinese are pretty unintelligible. He yells some names of dissidents, but that’s about all I can understand. I haven’t managed to listen to the entire thing yet, but it sounds like due to the language barrier he’s having trouble convincing them that he’s arrest-worthy. If anyone else want’s to check it out download the mp3.

Now, this blog has an audience which is fairly knowledgeable about China. Likely far more knowledgeable than Mr. Romero. So, given what you know about China, what are your expert thoughts?