Olympic fashion (non)sense

Well, everyone and their grandma is calling the 2008 Beijing Olympics China’s coming out party, and they’ve just been given the biggest reason yet, as it doesn’t get any gayer than this.

Sorry, I don’t mean to offend or misrepresent the gay community, <em>Queer Eye</em> teaches us you all have far more fashion sense than this.

This fashion faux pas of the century (and we’re still early into it) is China’s official Olympic opening ceremony uniform.

The white, red, and yellow uniforms, created by designers from the Hengyuanxiang (Group) Company Ltd, were selected from thousands of entries in a year-long design competition.

Seriously, a year-long design competition? Who the hell was the judge? Abing?

My favourite part of the above linked article is this bit (emphasis added):

China today introduced a team of 1,099 athletes and officials for the Beijing Olympic Games. All members of the delegation will be present in their uniforms on August 8.

Sounds more like a warning to the officials and athletes, than a report. Kind of like the notice you get in boarding school when a special visitor is coming and you’re told you MUST wear your uniform, or else.

ChinaSMACK‘s grabbed some commentary from the Chinese BBSes and their comparison of the uniforms to one of China’s more famous dishes (西红柿炒蛋) is bang on.

To drive home the point, ChinaSMACK threw together this little collage (right).

According to the China Daily article on the outfits, Liu Ruiqi, outfit designer said “The effect under strong lights is the most important. That’s why we finally decided the color for these outfits are red and yellow. Yellow can reflect light. It’s very bright. We also used light-reflecting materials in the red. When the Chinese delegation comes out, they will certainly catch the eyes of the audience.”

Ruiqi, dude, that may be the understatement of the year.


Just found this post on ChineseTools.eu which shows the Nike designed clothes that the company will be supplying to the Chinese athletes. Should have had Nike do the blazers.

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