Night out lands Swedish expat teen in Beijing jail

A young Swedish man has a cautionary tale for bar-going expats, and their parents alike. While out with friends in November 2013, a then-18-year-old Noak Jonsson was involved in a scuffle leaving a bar in Beijing’s university district. Words and blows were thrown; and before he knew it, despite claiming he hit no one, Jonsson …Read More

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Daily visitor limit, megaphone ban for Beijing Palace Museum

Beijing’s Palace Museum, better known as the Forbidden City, has proposed a crowd-control plan that will see daily limits for visitors set at 80,000. The plan, announced Tuesday, is awaiting approval from the appropriate authorities.Read More

Update: “Uncle Ray” Wigdal speaks to media in interview with CCTV

The story of Ray Wigdal and his eleven foster children has finally received some clarification directly from Wigdal himself. The American, and long time Beijing expat, gave a phone interview with CCTV-13’s News 1+1 program, offering insight and explanation to much of the story that started when one of the children he cared for ended up in hospital.Read More


Update: Abandoned child dies in hospital, foreign foster father still missing

A tragic update to the post from last week. The Chinese news outlet that first broke the story has reported that Phoebe, the 8-year-old girl in hospital, died last night due to her injuries that doctors say were caused by external trauma. Read More

Foreign foster parent of 11 being sought for alleged abuse, child at hospital in critical condition

Chinese media has lit up with reports about a foreigner in Beijing who is being sought by authorities for questioning related to suspected child abuse after his 8-year-old foster daughter ended up at a Beijing hospital in critical condition.Read More

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None Shall Pass! Laowai cyclist stops car from driving in bike lane

A foreigner in Beijing has become a bit of a Chinese internet celebrity by taking a stand against cars illegally driving through a bike lane to avoid traffic.Read More

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Mark Zuckerberg Delivers Tsinghua Q&A in Chinese

This past Wednesday Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg delivered his “first ever public Q&A in Chinese” at Beijing’s Tsinghua University. Handled with humour and aplomb, Zuckerberg discussed, “connecting the world,, innovation and the early days of Facebook.” According to his Facebook update, earlier in the week he joined the Tsinghua University School of Economics and …Read More


Female BMW driver attacks foreigner with belt in Beijing

At around 8:30pm on September 6, in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, a taxi was abruptly stopped by an irate woman driving a BMW. She was not happy that the taxi had stopped in front of her to pick up a foreign man and his Chinese companion near the right-hand turn of an intersection. She proceeded to …Read More

Beijing expat’s dog beaten to death in front of him

Stories of roving bands of stick-wielding chengguan beating pets and strays have been hitting the media for a number of years now, but this is the first we’ve heard of it entering the China expat community. These stories are senseless brutal tragedies regardless where the pet’s owner hails from, but I think there’s always been …Read More

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Foreigner smacked, de-shirted in altercation with Beijing cabbie

A video making the rounds, lacking much in the way of details, shows a foreigner being held by two Chinese after what is presumed to be a dispute over a fare. After being hit several times, and being unable to get the cabbie to release his shirt, the foreign man slips out of his shirt …Read More

He said, she said: foul-mouthed foreigner in Beijing culpable or conned?

When the story initially broke December 2 on Weibo, the version of events indicated a middle-aged Chinese woman had accused a foreigner, presumably from the UK, of hitting and severely injuring her with his bike. He, and eye-witnesses at the time, denied this — stating that she simply fell to the ground after he passed. …Read More


Beijing State of Mind: Commie jungle where dreams are made of

There have been a lot of laowai-led China-tribute pastiche music videos circling the interwebs over the last year or so, which is why when “Beijing State of Mind” began buzzing through the tubes about a week ago, I only gave it a raised eyebrow and moved along. My bad. Filmed by one-time-laowai Mark Griffith, and starring Andrew Dougherty and …Read More

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