2014 Lost Laowai Holiday Charity Round-up

– It’s that time of year again! Welcome to Lost Laowai’s holiday charity round-up. Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, we hope you will consider donating or volunteering your time to one of these China-focused charities. We think they are doing great work and we look forward to seeing what they will accomplish in 2015! Read More »

Christmas Charities 2012

– With American Thanksgiving just past, Christmas will be here before you know it. Instead of running around the Chinese countryside like crazy trying to find that perfect vintage Mao poster to mail home as a Christmas gift, consider donating to a China-focused charity on your loved one’s behalf this year. Here are some charities that … Read More »


Review: Learning Chinese through video with FluentU

– This week FluentU (who changed their name from Fluent Fix – which personally, I liked a bit more) announced that they now have over 300 videos available for Chinese study on their site. 308, at the moment actually, and more all the time. Congratulations to the FluentU team on all that hard work! But what’s … Read More »

Laowai Style

– Much to the chagrin of my dear hubby, I’ve been watching at least one Gangnam Style parody video a day. Hey, it keeps me happy. A Gangnam Style a day keeps the bad China days away! Here’s my new favorite: Laowai Style! Read More »

Assaulted on Qixi

– What was I thinking? A 3-day/2-night “flag and hat” Chinese tour off the beaten track in Hainan culminating in a super-soaker armed crowd at an annual water festival. If I was just asking for a bad China day, I certainly got it; but that wasn’t anything compared to what happened to some of the Chinese ladies in the crowd. Read More »

The Flowers of War: Christian Bale and the making of a hero

– Today, for my all-to-close-to-Christmas birthday, my hubby took me on a date. We saw the new and somewhat controversial Zhang Yi Mou directed “The Flowers of War,” starring Christian Bale. For those of you who haven’t been following the controversy involving Mr. Bale, the movie is a period piece set during 1937’s Rape of Nanjing. … Read More »

China Charities for Christmas

– It’s already mid-December and although we live in China, Christmas decorations have gone up around town and the local Carrefour and RT-Mart are playing Christmas music. Christmas is a time when many people  like to give gifts to friends and family, but for expats in China it can be difficult to send gifts to whatever … Read More »

Lady Laowai: Women foreigners who have inspirational Chinese

– Recently the guys over at the Skritter blog (Skritter‘s an excellent tool for studying Chinese, by the way) did a blog on Famous Foreigners Who Can Speak Chinese Really Well. The 10 people they listed are a great inspiration to all of us who are studying Chinese. If they can do it so can we! … Read More »

I’ll just add that to my resume, then…

– I’ve taught English to two-year-olds in split bottom pants. The trick there is not letting them sit on your lap for storytime. I’ve taught English to bartenders and asked them to repeat after me. Bud…Wise…Er… I’ve taught businessmen and doctors, flight attendants and fry cooks. I’ve taught Little Emperors in large classes, I’ve taught university … Read More »

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