In my never-ending quest to get some damn hockey in this country, I’ve come across this article on CBC’s website:

CBC’s Hockey Day In Canada will add a multicultural twist to its eighth annual broadcast on Saturday in Winkler, Man. CBC will break new ground with multi-language options available live and online exclusively at The game featuring the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs (CBC, 3 p.m. ET) at Air Canada Centre will be available in Mandarin, with University of Toronto students Yutong Zaho and Zhen Jiang calling the action.

Now, that’s great news to be sure. But for some reason, I can’t access the damn CBC website right now. Ping-outs are giving 100% packet loss, and I think we might have to proxy in for this one.

Anybody in China able to see the CBCsports website?

Or is it just my ISP?


  1. You can watch any and all NHL games streamed live with sopcast. Go to and download their program, you don’t need to sign up, you can just be anonymous. then monitor the forum () to see who is streaming which games. No need for proxies or anything like that. It’s been a lifesaver for this Beijing Wings fan

  2. @Zach: That seems like an awesome solution. I couldn’t get on the site – get an immediate server reset error (usually a good sign it’s being blocked). Will try with torrent later.

    FYI – HTML works in comments. So, for the ease of readability:
    Forum for who’s streaming what hockey games

    Good find man. Hope I can get it working. It’ll be a bit weird drinking coffee and watching the game, but so be it. 🙂

  3. I can see the website using Tor, but the vids are taking forever to load- so long that I actually gave up.

    Will get the Canadian boyfriend on to it- his love of hockey over my ambivalence for it (no offense intended, I’m just a typical Aussie) will probably give him more motivation to wait for it.

  4. The site has been getting a bit clogged as it gains popularity, will also get you their program though (forgot you could get it there).

    Some feeds require you to download VLC media player too which is kind of annoying, but most work without it.

    It is unusual watching with coffee and donut instead of beer and wings but once you see a good solid check or wrister from the half boards you forget about the sun coming up.

  5. Hockey? Mandarin? Wait a minute… unless hockey world gets their own version of Yao Ming for their sports, its hard to imagine chinese people going to the skating ring and start hitting the puck.

  6. sopcast has always been spotty for me, but really now – watching hockey is great but playing it is better. I’ll be playing tomorrow at Zhi Wu Yuan (off Wuwu Lu) with a few friends from Dalian. The ice ain’t great, but it’s hockey.

  7. @MagicChan: Despite expansion teams in southern US states, hockey is always going to be a “northerner” thing. There are somewhat impressive Chinese hockey teams all through Dongbei.

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