10 years as a lost laowai: where have we been, where are we going?

It’s been well over a year since the last post here at Lost Laowai, and for that I probably owe an apology. Which, admittedly, is an odd way to start a post touting the fact that Lost Laowai has been in existence for 10 years this month.Read More

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Lost Laowai 2013 Update

If you’ve happened by Lost Laowai recently, you’ll have noticed that the site was down. The reason should be pretty apparent why — she’s been redesigned!

For months I’ve been trying to find the time to sit down and give the site a bit of development love, and for months I failed to do so. The challenge was that I did not just want to slap together a cosmetic change, but rather I wanted to really look at what Lost Laowai was, what it’s become and where I’d like it to go in the future. Warning, there’s a bit of meandering ahead… tl;dr — site’s been updated, enjoy.Read More

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Happy Holidays from Lost Laowai

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Lost Laowai. To see how this very cool image was made, you need to check out the following video from our friends at NeochaEDGE:Read More


China Blog Network: Redux

Back in 2008 I added a new feature to Lost Laowai called the “China Blog Network”, with the simple premise of creating a Webring for China blogs. Membership consistently grew over the next year and a half, but the script that was handling the CBN was beginning to buckle under the pressure. Wanting a more …Read More

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Laowai Answers to questions about China

For what feels like forever, I’ve been tinkering away at a new feature here at Lost Laowai, and I finally feel its at a stage where I can announce it. It’s called “Laowai Answers” and it operates pretty much on the same principle as any of the many of other “q & a” components out there — most notably Yahoo Answers and Answers.com — except ours is completely China-focused.

The concept is simple — have a question about China, post the question, get a answers from fellow China expats and travellers. Just a lil’ Laowai helping Laowai love. A two-way street where expats can gain and share knowledge about living, working and playing in this crazy country we call home (even if for some that’s only temporary).

Read More

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