Infograph: China’s 2015 holiday schedule

Keeping track of the annually-shifting list of Chinese holidays, and the esoteric collection of make-up days attached to them can be tough. With the recent release of the official schedule of Chinese holidays, I thought I’d liven things up with a slightly more visual representation of the information.Read More

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2014 Lost Laowai Holiday Charity Round-up

It’s that time of year again! Welcome to Lost Laowai’s holiday charity round-up. Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, we hope you will consider donating or volunteering your time to one of these China-focused charities. We think they are doing great work and we look forward to seeing what they will accomplish in 2015!Read More

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Happy Chinese New Year — Let’s Horse Around

Another Chinese New Year is upon us, my tenth time celebrating the Spring Festival, and before I huddle down and brace for the bombastic bombtastic barrage, I figured I’d share a few links from around the web to help you navigate and enjoy the galloping in of the Year of the Horse.Read More

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Christmas Charities 2012

With American Thanksgiving just past, Christmas will be here before you know it. Instead of running around the Chinese countryside like crazy trying to find that perfect vintage Mao poster to mail home as a Christmas gift, consider donating to a China-focused charity on your loved one’s behalf this year. Here are some charities that …Read More

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Assaulted on Qixi

What was I thinking? A 3-day/2-night “flag and hat” Chinese tour off the beaten track in Hainan culminating in a super-soaker armed crowd at an annual water festival. If I was just asking for a bad China day, I certainly got it; but that wasn’t anything compared to what happened to some of the Chinese ladies in the crowd.Read More

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春节快乐 from Lost Laowai

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China Charities for Christmas

It’s already mid-December and although we live in China, Christmas decorations have gone up around town and the local Carrefour and RT-Mart are playing Christmas music. Christmas is a time when many people  like to give gifts to friends and family, but for expats in China it can be difficult to send gifts to whatever …Read More

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How I ended up standing on a mass grave on the tenth anniversary of 9/11

We had a three day weekend and an invitation from a friend to visit his hometown of 黄流 in 乐东 County. By the time I’d finished teaching at five, hastily thrown a few things in a bag, forgotten my cell phone (loaded with books, podcasts, and games) on the table, and caught a cab in …Read More

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Fact or Fiction XI: Let the Games Begin!!!

Welcome back one and all to the October edition of Fact or Fiction. Those of you who read any or all of the last ten will know, every edition I will have a guest and we will discuss a few of the big issues in China of the day. Every answer will have a “Fact” or a “Fiction” and some justification to go along with it.

My guest today, Sara  is a fellow inhabitant of the great city of the Five Ram City.  Sara Jaaksola always had a dream about visiting China. But only February 2010 she found the way to make it true and is now enjoyning her life in Guangzhou.  In her blog Living A Dream In China,, she writes about her life, experiences and studies in this amazing country.

In less than 2 weeks Guangzhou plays host to the Asian Games.  Given we both have front row seats to the construction and hype, it seems like a pretty logical talking point. So, join us today for Fact or Fiction XI: Let the Games Begin!!!Read More

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