Keeping track of the annually-shifting list of Chinese holidays, and the esoteric collection of make-up days attached to them can be tough. With the recent release of the official schedule of Chinese holidays, I thought I’d liven things up with a slightly more visual representation of the information.

Check below the graphic for text-based details, as well as share code for the infograph.

China Holiday Schedule 2015 Infograph by Lost Laowai

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Dates List

  • New Year’s: Thursday, January 1st to Saturday, January 3rd. Make-up day: Sunday, January 4th.
  • Spring Festival: Wednesday, February 18th to Tuesday, February 24th. Make-up days: Sunday, February 15th & Saturday, February 28th.
  • Tomb Sweeping: Saturday, April 4th to Monday, April 6th. No make-up days.
  • Labor Day: Friday, May 1st to Sunday, May 3rd. No make-up days.
  • Dragon Boat Festival: Saturday, June 20th to Monday, June 22nd. No make-up days.
  • Mid-autumn Festival: Sunday, September 27th. No make-up days.
  • National Day: Thursday, October 1st to Wednesday, October 7th. Make-up day: Saturday, October 10th.

h/t Shanghaiist


    • Thanks Andy, glad you find it useful. I’m the same way with the dates, though I’m fortunate that I largely ignore Chinese holidays (as best I can with all the fireworks) these days.

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