Video: Rude Laowai arguing with Chinese on a train

Yet another for our “Bad Laowai” category.

From Shanghaiist:

A video now going viral on shows a white blonde male putting his feet over the seat before him and a Chinese female passenger’s head on a train from Shenyang to Beijing. It is not clear what happened before the start of this video, but the woman was clearly irritated by the man’s behavior. She stood up, turned around, and hit the man’s feet with a magazine, saying “you are a big shame to your country.” (“你真给你国家丢人”)

However, the foreign man showed no intention to move his feet away and instead called the woman’s beating a “a massage.”

The woman finally threw her magazine at the man as the man hurled other insults at her, saying she was “Shabi” (傻屄: “silly c*nt”). (read more)