Convicted child rapist Neil Robinson. Source TBJ

Former Beijing school teacher convicted of raping a minor

Ex-China expat Neil Robinson, who made headlines last spring, has been convicted to twelve years in a UK prison for sexually assaulting a girl under the age of 13, making an indecent video of a child, and possessing child pornography.

The 47-year-old Briton turned himself in to UK consular officials in Beijing last April after his appearance on BBC's "Crimewatch" drew attention to the former international scho…

The unnamed foreigner in question, the damage to his coat clearly visible

Foreigner who cried ‘fraud’ and his father to be fined, detained and deported

Beijing police have announced the foreigner who originally cried "fraud" after being accused by a woman of hitting her with his motorbike will be fined, detained and deported.

The incident occurred on December 2 and immediately went viral across Chinese social media. Initially netizens appeared to favour the foreigner's story, as tales of (fake) accident victims blaming people just trying to help abound in China. …


He said, she said: foul-mouthed foreigner in Beijing culpable or conned?

When the story initially broke December 2 on Weibo, the version of events indicated a middle-aged Chinese woman had accused a foreigner, presumably from the UK, of hitting and severely injuring her with his bike. He, and eye-witnesses at the time, denied this -- stating that she simply fell to the ground after he passed.

The altercation happened in Beijing's Chaoyang District. The ensuing argument between the …

Jerry and Luo Ting (r) were found guilty of bigamy at Yuexiu Court. Photo

Odd News: Foreigner in Guangzhou gets harsh sentenced for bigamy

On October 17, a 48-year-old Briton was sentenced to 5 months detention, with a 6 month suspended sentence, in a Guangzhou court for the crime of leaving his wife in the UK and living as a married couple with his Chinese business partner, Luo Ting; who was also sentenced to 4 months detention.

The British man, whom called "Jerry" (a pseudonym), met "Luo Ting" (also a pseudonym) in 2005, after comi…

Foreigner arguing on a Chengdu bus

Foreigner loses it on a Chengdu bus driver

The bad laowai category on Lost Laowai has grown a bit dusty over the past year or so, as I questioned whether it was a good idea to lend attention to a very small section of the foreigner crowd who were behaving badly in public (and becoming Youku stars for their efforts).

It appeared for a while that the Chinese, and more relevantly, the Chinese government, were weighing these autonomous events with more mass th…

Foreigner's action leads to near riot in Zhengzhou, Henan

Laowai nearly causes a riot in Zhengzhou after alleged fight with local

The Shanghaiist just posted about a near riot in Zhengzhou, Henan, a few days ago. The spark of the unrest was that a foreigner allegedly slapped and spit in the face of a Chinese woman.

A Caucasian man, appearing to be middle aged and sporting a Walmart brochure in the left breast pocket of his shirt, found himself surrounded by angry passersby as he sat holed up in the back seat of a BYD car. Many from the crowd…

Video: Rude Laowai arguing with Chinese on a train

Yet another for our "Bad Laowai" category.

From Shanghaiist:

A video now going viral on shows a white blonde male putting his feet over the seat before him and a Chinese female passenger's head on a train from Shenyang to Beijing. It is not clear what happened before the start of this video, but the woman was clearly irritated by the man's behavior. She stood up, turned around, and hit the man's f…

Ryan Fedoruk

Trust me, I’m a laowai: Canadian scam man in Shanghai disappears with 300K

A new year and a new douche bag to add to our "Bad Laowai" category. Ryan Fedoruk, a 40-year-old former part-time English teacher from Canada, sublet about 30 apartments to more than 100 foreigners in Shanghai before taking the money and running.

Eva Gao, the Chinese lawyer representing his victims, sums things up on her blog:

Fedoruk began subletting apartments in Shanghai in early 2011. He would post ads …

Doin' time

Doin’ time: how to end up in a Chinese jail

iLook China recently ran a guest post by Lionel Carver (no idea if that's a pseudonym or not), which details the writer's experience being a guest of the government in a Chinese jail.

Subtitled with "A Cautionary Tale for Expats in China", I was curious to read both what Carver endured and, perhaps most voyeuristically, what he did to get there.

His description of the long boring days (all eight of them), spart…

Foreigner deafens doctor, trashes hospital and slaughters innocent fish

Two Italians, a Chinese and a Japanese walk into a hospital...

This would be the start to a joke, if it didn't end with a perforated ear drum, a smashed monitor, some dead fish and perpetuation of the stereotype that foreigners in China all view themselves as overly-entitled drunken douchebags.

From Shanghai Daily: The dispute took place about 11pm Wednesday night, when an Italian man with an eye injury was esc…