Help: Family raising funds for China expat in coma

This past March, while working at a Chinese university, American John Berisford fell critically ill. He remains hospitalized and in a coma. While his medical team has stated he is stable enough for travel, he cannot fly commercially. Thus, he must travel via a very costly air ambulance. His family has started a campaign to raise money to help cover his outstanding hospital bills in China, and to get him home wher…


220K RMB stolen from Italian expat’s Chinese bank account

Last Thursday, August 21, a Shanghai-based Italian expat identified only as "Rafael" got quite a shock when he discovered 220,000 RMB had gone missing from his account.

The account, with an unidentified nationally owned bank in Guangzhou's Tianhe district, was primarily for an auto parts business Rafael has been operating in Guangzhou for more than 6 years. Last week he lent the account's debit card to his wif…

Xiamen police and ambulance at the scene of the murder (left), unconfirmed photo of convicted murderer Phillip Martin (right). source WOX.

German citizen sentenced to death for double murder in Xiamen

For the first time, a Chinese court has sentenced to death a German citizen, who was convicted in 2011 of murdering his ex-girlfriend and her new partner with a hammer and knife in the south-eastern Chinese city of Xiamen, Fujian.

The 36-year-old man, who was identified as "Philipp B" in the German press (but as "Phillip Martin" on What's On Xiamen at the time of the killings), was found guilty of murdering hi…

Des Bishop

Irish-American Comedian Des Bishop takes on Chinese news with rap

Last year, Irish-American comic Des Bishop moved to China to learn the language so that he could tell the country his jokes. The experience culminated in him opening (in Chinese) for Joe Wang, and taught him more than just the language; much of which he's sharing in his act "Made in China" currently wrapping up a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Earlier this week Des released a come…

New World Garden apartments located in Dongguan’s Dongcheng District. source

Australian expat in Dongguan tied up in apartment, robbed

According to a local news report, at 8pm on August 9, a 54-year-old Australian man was robbed at knife point in his Dongguan, Guangzhou, apartment.

Identified only as "David" in the report, the victim received an intercom call from a man stating he was a courier with a delivery. After answering the door, David was tied up in his living room, while the thief stole jewelry and money in various currencies with a …


Foreigners in Shanghai mess with locals just for laughs

Some foreigners in Shanghai recently took to the streets to pull off a few Just For Laughs quality gags on the locals.

An update from Turner Sparks filled me in on the original video (now below) being by a local comedy troupe called the Monkey Kingz. As such, I've swapped out the original video from iFeng with the better, longer HD version from the Monkey Kingz YouTube channel. Hilarious stuff.

Stuck be…

No Pets or Foreigners

No Pets or Foreigners attempts to capture laowai experience in new sitcom

In an interview with Timeout Beijing, South Africa-born show creator and star Murray Clive Walker explained the show's humour is "mostly about taking the piss out of two foreigners. I’m aware of the whole mianzi thing with the Chinese so I won’t be making any digs at them and their culture. There’s a lot of toilet humour as well because I think that’s something we all wrestle with here what with the squat toilets…


Review: How Does One Dress To Buy Dragonfruit? True Stories Of Expat Women In Asia

This new collection from Signal 8 Press brings together 26 stories from the lives of expat women living in Asia. Being an expat woman living in Asia myself, I jumped at the chance to read and review it.

Sometimes, after getting a book review assignment, I dread writing the review (and attempt to pass it off to another reviewer) because I find it very difficult to come out in public and say I hated a book. I'm very…

Stuart Foster spent more than seven months inside a Chinese jail, assembling Christmas lights for export to the US

American teacher spends 7 months in Chinese jail enduring forced labour

Foster, who had been teaching at a Guangzhou university, was arrested and taken to the White Cloud District Detention Center last April, after confessing to taking a large sum of money from his American colleague. For the next 280 days he shared a cell about the "size of a racquetball court" with around 30 other men. Days were spent assembling thousands of Christmas lights, where productivity was maintained by fe…

One-Eyed Jack

Beijing expat’s dog beaten to death in front of him

Stories of roving bands of stick-wielding chengguan beating pets and strays have been hitting the media for a number of years now, but this is the first we've heard of it entering the China expat community. These stories are senseless brutal tragedies regardless where the pet's owner hails from, but I think there's always been a certain feeling of exemption or impunity towards this issue in foreigner circles. As …