24-year-old Venezuelan, Carlos, near where he rescued a woman from a river in Guangzhou. Photo by Li Zhan

24-year-old Venezuelan man saves woman from river in Guangzhou

According to witnesses, around 3 a.m. Saturday morning an inebriated woman fell into a river in Guangzhou's Haizhu district after a fight with her boyfriend.

Hearing the commotion of the resultant onlooker crowd, a 24-year-old Venezuelan man, Carlos, asked his taxi driver to stop. Though he could not see the woman in the river, he removed his shoes and cell phone, and entered the cold dark water.

Onlookers …

Chinese visa

Clarity on new visa classes from Ministry of Foreign Affairs notice

Last week the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a bilingual notice that spells out China's new visa structure.

Beijing-based immigration lawyer Gary Chodorow has published an article highlighting some of recent changes in the Chinese visa structure in an easy-to-read layout.

The post breaks down the most common visas, explaining both what the previous law and the new statue/regulations are, as well as providin…

Guangzhou at Night. Photo by Ian Wallace.

Two British women stuck in China after argument at Guangzhou shop

Two tourists from the United Kingdom have found themselves in a "complex criminal investigation which could see them stranded in China for up to a year."

The women, Mary Idowu and Esther Jubril-Badmos, travelled to Guangzhou for a week of shopping in June when they were involved in an altercation with a vendor over a 500 RMB deposit paid for what they claim turned out to be counterfeit slippers. Idowu, 59, and…

Toilets: You're doing it wrong

Avoiding squatters? You’re doing it wrong

We tend to lend a lot of letters to the discussion of using toilets in China here at Lost Laowai. We have Erika's post delivering some truths about the Chinese lady's room, which continues to rack up rather heated comments three years after being published; as well, we have Travis' humourous account of the first time he used a squat toilet.

I suppose it's because it is a vulnerable moment in most every day that ca…

Thousands stranded at Guangzhou train station due to landslide. Photo nandu.com.

Avoid Guangzhou train station, 80,000 stranded after landslide

From the Global Times:
Train service of Guangzhou Railway Station, a rail hub in south China, has been suspended after landslides blocked a railway artery linking Guangzhou and Beijing, Guangzhou Railway Corporation said on Sunday.

The company could not confirm when the train service could resume.

More than 80,000 passengers would not be able to board their trains, according to the company's estimates.

Help send these guys to Toronto.

“This is Sanlitun” needs your help, sorta

Synopsis: Gary is in Beijing to make it big, after failing to impress his Chinese investors he soon takes up English teaching and gets life lessons from Frank, an incompetent mentor. Gary's real reasons for staying become apparent when his son and Chinese ex-wife enter.

The film looks hilarious, and while I don't know if all the comedy will connect with the non-China expat crowd, there's surely enough ex-China…


Illegal foreign teachers arrested in Shenzhen

The bureau did not reveal how many foreigners had been arrested or give further details as investigations into the cases are still continuing.

At present, there are about 13,000 foreign residents living in Nanshan District, accounting for 42 percent of the expatriate population in the city.

According to the Shenzhen Administration of Foreign Experts, about 11,000 foreigners with valid work permits were empl…

DIY air purifier from the Particle Counting blog.

Breathe easier in China with this inexpensive DIY air purifier

A PhD student and Fulbright scholar based in Beijing has a great little Tumblr blog that shows, with data, that you can skip the expensive air purifiers and make your own for about $30.

This post goes through the details of how to make the air purifier, and where to buy a proper filter. The principle is embarrassingly simple: Buy a typical box fan, stick a HEPA filter on the front of it, breathe clean air -- no …

12-year-old Lei Xiaoxia's parents tearfully retell their story.

‘Living with Dead Hearts’ an afflictive & important film

When 3-year-old Kienan Hebert was abducted in 2011, an entire country paid attention. For four days Canadian news agencies ran story after story. Child abduction was everywhere, permeating the collective Canuck consciousness. And when he was safely returned by his kidnapper, the relief and joy of the parents was shared across the country, and in the case of this Canadian, across the globe.

I couldn't help but …

Beijing Airport. Photo by Luke Blacks.

Travel Advisory: Chinese airport security beefed up, expect delays

In addition to SWAT officers being deployed to the capital's airport, explosive checks are being carried out at both the arrival and departure halls, with security personnel swiping palm-sized testing paper on passengers' luggage.

Shanghai's Pudong and Hongqiao international airports have been checking for explosives at exits and entrances since Sunday, according to the Shanghai Airport Authority, which opera…